A collective of theater and media artists committed to the creation and production of aesthetically innovative and emotionally compelling works that address sociopolitical realities in a direct yet artful way, embracing complexity and contradiction.
Artistic Directors: Noel Salzman and Jay Smith
Listen to Me is 45 minutes long.
Listen to me - a play
Listen to Me
an audio adaptation of Gertrude Stein's play

Conception: Noel Salzman & Brian Nishii
Direction: Noel Salzman
Sound Design: Katie Down & Brian Nishii
Recording Engineer: Dave Lawson @ Full House

d'Adre Aziza (The Syllables)
H. Ryan Clark (Sweet William)
Christen Clifford (The Female)
Mark Alan Gordon (The Earth)
Eileen O'Connell (Lillian)
Jay Smith (The Male)
Jeremy Soule (The Guide)

Part the First: in which it is established that Sweet William has his genius and is looking for his Lillian
Part the Second: in which Lillian asserts herself and The Female disables linear time
Part the Third: in which Sweet William is or is not nervous and The Male loses track of how many characters there are
Part the Fourth: in which The Earth is covered over completely and the counting begins
Part the Fifth: in which Sweet William’s creative work begins and there is action and nothing to do
The Interlude: in which it is explained why dogs no longer bay at the moon
Part the Sixth: in which Sweet William is alone, but not by himself, at war
Part the Seventh: in which The Syllables explains herself and The Guide attempts to maintain equilibrium
Part the Eighth: in which there is not remembering and the characters altogether finally hear what they say
Part the Ninth: in which The Guide teaches Sweet William to apologize so that his story can conclude
Part the Tenth: in which there are no characters or acts, nothing is ever together, and the curtain comes
Credits: in which the actors introduce themselves
Bonus: in which The Syllables pretends to be The Reverend Jesse Jackson

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