A collective of theater and media artists committed to the creation and production of aesthetically innovative and emotionally compelling works that address sociopolitical realities in a direct yet artful way, embracing complexity and contradiction.
Artistic Directors: Noel Salzman and Jay Smith

(Kathy goes to) Haiti
Krik? Krak! (a Haitian Installation)

Performances took place in August 2006 at Downtown Art, NYC and Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn

KRIK? KRAK? (a Hatian installation) was presented in July 2006 at The Deli Formerly Known As Prince, A Chashama Arts Space at 44th Street and 3rd Avenue in NYC

DIRECTION: Noel Salzman
PERFORMANCE: Elizabeth Sugarman
DRAMATURGY: Liz Sharts (with Kate Graham)

An hallucinatory meditation on the violent clash of cultures engendered by colonialism: Acker's deadpan travelogue "Kathy Goes To Haiti" takes us on a brutally beautiful journey into the depths of sexual tourism and emotional anarchy, interrupted by a dream of an American film that travesties voodoo...


Kathy Goes To Haiti, a novel by Kathy Acker
My Life, My Death by Pier Paolo Pasolini, a novel by Kathy Acker
Devoured by Myths, an interview with Kathy Acker by Sylvere Lotringer
Live and Let Die, a film by Guy Hamilton

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